ЕЕР хх Н Overhead Monorail scales

  • max load: 1000kg
  • LCD display
  • RS232 – 2
  • PC connection

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ЕЕР хх Н Overhead Monorail scales – Description

The ЕЕР хх Н Overhead Monorail scale is suitable for the meat processing industry, where the carcass moves along a tube.

It is designed for operation at temperatures from -10’C to 40’C and humidity from 15% to 85% RH.

The structure is made of durable stainless steel, resistant to heavy loads, weighing up to 600kg.

Standardly equipped with a rechargeable battery, LCD display and RS232 interface for PC connectivity.

This product comes with quality assurance for conformity and factory metrological verification!

Model: ЕЕP xx H
Maximum load: 500/1000 kg
Metrological characteristics:
Max Min e=d
500/1000kg 10kg 0.2/0.5kg
Display: LCD, 6 digits, 25mm
Interface: RS-232 for PC connection
Power supply: Rechargeable battery 6V/10Ah
Аadaptor 220VAC, 500mA
Options: LAN support
Additional display
Working temperature: -10C to +40C
Humidity: 15% to 85% RH
Metal material: stainless steel
Dimentions: according to client’s request

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