Big Bag filling machine EDS 1500 BB

  • Doses from 200 to 1500kg
  • Adjustable height
  • Capacity: 20bags/h (1500kg)
  • Accuracy: 0.5%

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Big Bag filling machine EDS 1500 BB – Description

The Big Bag Filling Machine is widely used for packaging of agricultural and industrial production in big quantities.

It is very suitable for the dosing of wheat, cereals, oilseeds, grain fodder crops and granular materials.

The dosing device allows bulk products packing in doses of 200 to 1500 kg.

Filling capacity: 20 bags per hour, up to 1500kg each. Two- stage dosing: coarse and fine; adjustable bag grip height.

The filling machine has a durable construction, 1400x1400mm platform, dosing shutter & a metal frame for Big Bags.

Weighing controller model ELICOM-CS, graphic LCD display with backlight. The filling machine can be designed according to the specific needs of the client upon request.

Technical specifications:

  • Filling method: gravitational
  • Filling capacity: 20bags/h (for bags of 1500kg)
  • Packaging doses: from 200 to 1500kg
  • Max load: 1500kg
  • Bag height adjustment
  • Accuracy: 0.5%


1.Weighing platform:

 – platform size: 1400x1400mm

 – BigBag holding construction:

              * metal frame with adjustable height             

              * manual hookup of the BigBag

2. Pneumatic dosing shutter:

 – square entrance (180mm)

 – two-stage dosing

 – upper hookup of the dosing shutter to exsisting bunker

3. Weighing dosing controller:

 – Weighing controller: model ELICOM-CS, graphic LCD with backlight

 – Power supplyAC 220V ±5% 50Hz

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