The Quality Management System of Elicom electronic has a certificate issued by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance for compliance with BDS EN ISO 9001:2015.

The Quality Management System of Elicom electronic is approved by MEGACOMMERCE EOOD, Directorate OS Notified Body No 1863 by Procedure: Module D: Conformity to the type on the basis of quality assurance of the production of Directive 2014/31/EU and the Ordinance on the Essential Requirements and conformity assessment O.G. 23/2016.

CE Certificates

Weighing scales, manufactured by Elicom Electronic Ltd. have European CE certificate for approved type, which allows their sale as legal for trade scales in EU.

  1. Retail scales EVL+
  2. Retail and bench scales S300
  3. Retail scales S200
  4. Retail scales EPS
  5. Label printing scales ETS
  6. Platform scales Si
  7. Digital indicators Si-xx
  8. Truck scales Si

OIML Certificates

We are constantly investing in own OIML certificates:

  • Load cells
  • Retail scale S200
  • Digital indicators Si-xx